Although many office spaces have gone remote, there are some companies that have continued to utilize their in-person offices. Whether you allow only a few people back in the building at this time or allow the full staff to come back, it’s important to keep the office clean and free of germs. Below, we’ve highlighted some tips for keeping your space sanitized and safe for your employees during these uncertain times.

Ventilation System

Although it’s an investment, we’ve used ventilation systems even before COVID-19. The purpose of ventilation systems is to purify the air in an indoor setting. This is ideal for an indoor office, as it cleans the air that your employees are breathing. It may not completely stop COVID-19 from being able to be spread, but it certainly helps at least a little. Your employees will greatly appreciate that you took an extra step to help maintain their health.

Clean Work Stations

If your employees share any work stations at all, it’s important to have them wipe it down after they’re done using it. Although it is a relatively simple step, it can help immensely in stopping the spread of germs. A lot of the time a simple disinfecting wipe can do the trick, but only certain disinfecting wipes can kill the Coronavirus germs. When purchasing either wipes or disinfecting sprays, read the label to make sure it can kill the germs you’re looking to get rid of. Or, you can check out this list of CDC approved cleaners for the elimination of COVID germs. Not only should individual work stations be cleaned after use, but objects that are shared on a regular basis should be cleaned daily at least. This includes things like staplers, pencil sharpeners, whiteboard markers, printers, etc. Door handles are also a fairly important thing to disinfect daily.

Electrostatic Fogging

Electrostatic fogging is one of the more effective methods of cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19. An electrostatic fogger is a machine that sprays electrically charged disinfectant all over everything. The charge helps the disinfectant stick to everything and then kills the germs. It’s fairly uncommon that an office would own one of these machines, but it is approved by the CDC to kill Coronavirus germs. Many cleaning services own an electrostatic fogger now, so if you don’t own one make sure to schedule a professional cleaner to come spray down your office.

Call a Professional

If you’re taking steps to keep your office clean during this time but still feel like it’s not enough, it may be a good idea to call a professional. The Clean-Up Crew uses CDC certified methods of cleaning to kill COVID-19 germs. We utilize the electrostatic fogger and will disinfect your entire office space, leaving it spotless. Give The Clean-Up Crew a call today to get a free estimate!

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