With the fall and winter months quickly approaching, it’s certain that we’ll start to get some wildly varying weather conditions. In Idaho, among those conditions are rain and snow showers.
As we all know, snow and rain leads to a mess inside your spick-and-span household. But, are there ways to prevent the house from getting caked in dirt this year? If you don’t regularly use a professional cleaning service and are looking to prevent a dirty home this winter, read below and check out our top tips!

Shoe Cubby

A great tip to keeping your house clean is to have little shoe cubbies next to each door that leads to the exit. This is huge because it eliminates mud being tracked through the house by yourself and your children. This is also a great DIY project if you’re up to it.
There are plenty of plans for building shoe cubbies all over the internet. However, if DIY is not really your thing, there are also several options for just buying a shoe cubby. A good rule of thumb for making/purchasing a cubby is to make sure everyone in your household has at least one cubby for themselves. This will ensure everyone will have a place to put their shoes instead of taking them to their rooms.

Your Dogs Track Mud, Too

Aside from your children and yourself, if you have dogs or other outdoor pets, they can oftentimes be the biggest culprit in bringing mud into the house. This can be tedious as the solutions for this can be time-consuming.
One option is to teach your dog to wipe its paws on the rug when it comes inside. This can be difficult if you aren’t a great trainer, but it can be done. Another option is a product like the Portable Dog Paw Cleaner. This is a cheap product that provides amazing results. If you’re not looking to buy anything, you can always just use a towel to wipe your dog’s paws every time you let it back inside.


If you don’t already have rugs at your entrance points, they’re a great investment. This gives a place where people can wipe their shoes, and gives them somewhere to stand inside while placing their shoes in your brand new cubbies. This will ultimately protect your flooring at the entrance points, whether it’s carpet or hardwood floors.

Furnace Filter

Now that the furnace will be in use a lot, it’s a good idea to change out the filter on it. It’s recommended that filters are changed monthly while they’re in use. This will ensure that as little dust as possible will be circulating through your home, keeping the air you breathe cleaner overall. If you’re unsure of how to change the filter by yourself or don’t know what type of filter is required, you can always call a professional.

If you follow these top tips, your house is sure to stay cleaner than it was last winter. With winter approaching rapidly, you should get started on implementing the tips right away. When your house does get dirty, make sure to give your local professional cleaner a call.
The Clean-Up Crew can help with any cleaning you need done in your home or office and can answer any questions you might have over the phone. Give us a call today so we can get started helping you with your cleaning needs!

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