During this time of quarantine and extended periods of time at home, it’s easy to get complacent with a messy house. Keeping a clean home can not only have physical benefits but is also good for your psychological health. Here are 3 benefits to keeping a clean and organized home.

1. Physical Health

The most obvious reason to keep a clean house, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, is to kill germs. If you or someone in your family is leaving the house, when they come back it’s inevitable that they’ll bring in foreign germs. It’s important to stay on top of the cleaning so you don’t get overwhelmed with doing all of it at once. Frequently touched areas like doorknobs and faucet handles should be sanitized often. This will minimize the number of foreign germs that get into your home.

2. Mental Stress

Another benefit of maintaining a clean house is that it decreases your stress levels, as well as increases your concentration ability. Having a home that feels cluttered, or feels infested with germs, can take a toll on your mental health. If there’s clutter, it makes it hard to find things that you’re looking for. It also weighs on your mind that you’re going to need to clean it eventually. Keeping it clean lightens your load a little, and it’s much easier to relax while it’s clean. If you still feel like you can’t get rid of all the germs during this pandemic, call a professional cleaning service. Cleaning services are following new CDC guidelines for getting rid of Coronavirus germs and can help you achieve that peace of mind.

3. Increase of Your Child’s Confidence

It might not be as important right now because not as many people are coming into your home, but keeping a clean home can help with your children’s confidence. Your child may be hesitant to bring friends home if your house is dirty, feeling embarrassed. They should feel confident bringing their friends over to hang out, and it will in turn increase their confidence as a person overall.

If you’re working from home, it’s easy to get sucked into your work and not have time to take care of the germs being tracked in. Even if you do clean to get rid of germs, it’s a good idea to call a professional cleaning company every now and then to go over places you might have missed. Take the stress of your mental health and give The Clean-Up Crew a call today to get a free, over the phone estimate!

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