It can be a very exciting time when your house is nearing the end of the process of construction. You can’t wait to get there and finally get settled in, but there’s one more step that needs to be taken. Post-construction cleaning is an important part of the process, and here’s why you shouldn’t skip it.

Hardwood Floor Damage

During construction, it is inevitable that rocks, dirt, and mud will be tracked in. Although the hardwood flooring is one of the last pieces of construction, all of that will still be tracked onto it. If the rocks are left, they can be ground into the hardwood, causing scratches. Dirt and mud can easily be ground into the small cracks. The construction crews will be as careful as they can in the late stages, but it’s still a good idea to hire a company specializing in post-construction cleanup. They’ll be sure to make your floors look and feel as clean as they can.

Sawdust is Everywhere

Sawdust is a very common thing during the construction of a home. When it’s all done, you might notice a layer of dust coating all the surfaces in your house. It can be on anything from your walls, countertops, and cabinets, to something more uncommon such as light fixtures. All of these surfaces should be wiped clean to keep them looking great. You should also replace your air filter after construction because it sucks in so much dust while the house is being built.

Dirty Carpets

For the same reasons as your hardwood flooring, make sure that your carpet gets vacuumed before there is heavy foot traffic on it. Dirt and mud that gets stepped on and ground into the carpet can be a huge pain to get out. The carpets should be covered during construction, but it won’t stop all of the dirt. If mud happens to get in your carpet during construction, there are many great guides online to get it out.

Call a Cleaning Crew

Although it can be done on your own, oftentimes it’s a good idea to call a professional to clean up after the construction crews leave. A lot of the time, construction crews are just interested in getting their specific task finished, and end up making a mess in the process. A professional cleaning crew has access to more tools for cleaning than the average person and can expedite the process of moving in. Give The Clean-Up Crew a call today and ask about having your new house cleaned so you can move in!

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