When you’ve thought about cleaning your home in the past, you’ve probably overlooked your garage more often than not. Organizing your garage is one way to make your garage look as nice as it can. Not only this, but because the weather is warming up it can be a great spring project to include as part of your “spring cleaning” so you can have the garage door open while you do it. Being cleaning experts, The Clean-Up Crew has put together a list of helpful tips for organizing your garage down below; check it out!

Tool Organization

Garages are best known for parking your cars and storing your tools, but if your tools aren’t properly stored and organized you can’t even park your car in the garage! To organize your tools, you should consider investing in a quality tool storage cabinet. If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can use plastic containers to organize your tools. There are many DIY options online for those that don’t want to purchase a storage cabinet!

Storage Shelves

Another very important component of any well-organized garage is a well-designed set of shelves. An easy way to make your garage seem very cluttered is to just stack boxes of junk on the floor of your garage, but investing in a nice set of shelves will substantially help to declutter the space. A popular choice is shelves that hang from the ceiling, as they ensure that you will have as much space on your garage floor as possible.

Organizer Bins

Now that you’ve built or bought yourself some nice storage racks for your garage, the next step is to get bins to fill them with! Putting individual items on your shelves will make it look just as cluttered as it did before you had the shelves, but sorting your items into bins will make it look nice and neat. You would most likely want to sort by item category: one box for your chemicals, one for your paints, one for your nuts and bolts, etc. If you organize in this way, it will make your life easier when you’re looking for the duct tape you used last week!

Lumber Storage

Staying with the idea of storage solutions, finding a way to organize any lumber you have laying around will surely make your home seem less cluttered. You can buy a lumber rack to hold your 2×4’s and plywood sheets, or you could build one out of spare wood! If you know how to weld, you can also build one out of metal to make it a little more sturdy.

If you’re looking to get your spring cleaning done right but don’t have the time or tools to do it, call The Clean-Up Crew! We’re here to answer any questions you have about our services, including garage cleaning & organization. Give us a call today!

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